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Hans and the Lost Pyramids

Chapter 1

Cairo - 2017 Previous Precession Earth Date (12,500 years before 2017 A.D.)

One sunny summer day, Hans Beekhoff, took a trip to Egypt to see the Great Pyramid of Giza, a dream he had since a child. So
he left his homeland in Berlin and flew to Alexandria, Egypt. He fascinated over his brochure of the Pyramid on the plane
and all the pictures and sketches he had brought with him.

However, when he arrived at the airport and asked to be taken to the site of the Pyramids, he was given a blank stare. He
finally managed to communicate the coordinates of where he wanted to go. Oddly though, as they got closer in the taxi, Hans
was unable to see them. Surely, they must be blended in with the environment. Still, when he arrived at the GPS location he
had written down, there was nothing there.  The taxi let him out and said something in Greek and then drove off.

"How could this be?!" he exclaimed! Yet, they were not there. There was only a vast, colossal landscape. Even wor…

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